What Kind Of Sunroom Would You Like To Have?

We are doing it! We are definitely going in for sunroom additions in Tulsa OK at this time. The tenants of this communal property have been introduced to the idea by the presiding landlady.  She is looking ahead in time, to a time to which she may wish to sell her property. But it is her weakness.

sunroom additions in Tulsa OK

She cares too much for her tenants to let them go. Her longest-running tenant is a war veteran and who does not have respect for men like this.

But apart from that, this gentleman is well disciplined. He is one of those who always lives within his means although he does not exactly live on bread and water. And of course, this is probably why this landlady respects him the most. He is a model tenant in the sense that he always pays his rent on time.

Without fail and, let’s just say, with military precision. But sadly, he is not sold on the sunroom idea. He spends unusually long hours behind closed doors watching pay per view and playing live video games. Some say he lives in a fantasy world. But that is going to be okay for now because he does no harm to anyone and respects his neighbors.

And of course he has served his country, so let’s just leave him be. But it is his next-door neighbor who has taken a keen interest in the sunroom idea. She also spends a lot of time. Let’s just say that she is a writer in residence. And she does indeed relish the prospect of curling up on her favorite settee absorbing all the glorious warmth of the sun while she tucks into one of her rather heavy tomes.