Why We Have Electricity

There world couldn’t run without electricity.  Electricity has allowed us to move out of caves and other primitive dwellings and into modern homes and buildings.  When we look at or think about electricity, we typically think of an outlet and a plug.  However, there is much more to electricity than we really understand.  With the help of electrical contractors in Austin TX, we can explore more about electricity and how it works for us.


One thing that we get from electricity is the ability to take it with us in the form of a battery.  With a battery we can have items such as watches, clocks, cars and digital devices.  A battery is a small device that carries a series of chemicals and metals within it.  When an electrical charge is generated, the batteries create a charge that is constant allowing our devices to work.  After the chemicals drain or are used up, our batteries will begin to die we will need to replace them.

Storage devices

With electricity we can now have large storage devices.  Devices such as computers will use a battery to help keep time and run a computer.  The computer will then use this stored power to write information to storage devices like hard drives, disks and more.  If we didn’t have electricity, we wouldn’t be able to operate computers and other electronic devices. 

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Without electricity we wouldn’t have modern transportation.  We would still be using horses and other forms of transportation.  With electricity we now have cars, trains, planes and even new forms of transportation that are relying on battery technology and electricity as their primary form of power.

When looking at your world, look at what uses electricity.  You will be amazed what uses it and how your world would be totally different if we didn’t have it.  So, next time you look at a device see if and how it uses power.